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July 2008 Reports

July got off to a bang with 68 submissions! Many thanks to all of those who took the time to submit ideas, rants and even a few bits of praise here and there!

We've compiled our first set of reports and have sent them on their way. Moving forward we'll aim to have reports completed and sent by the 15th of the following month.

We compiled and sent 11 different reports, each one containing a summary, a general/demographic report and a report specific to the recipient with submissions that were pertinent for that recipient. While we haven't done any issue/trend analysis yet, we're looking to do that as we get more data.

Here are the reports we sent:
  • AGSC - includes issues related to race grading [2 submissions]
  • ACRI/Tracks - includes issues related to tracks in general [22 submissions]
  • Breeders' Cup - [4 submissions]
  • California Racing Board - includes all ARCI/Track submissions + ones specific to California [26 submissions]
  • Churchill - includes all ARCI/Track submissions + Churchill, Twinspires and online wagering issues [25 submissions]
  • Daily Racing Form - includes issues regarding past performances, charts and media [3 submissions]
  • ESPN - includes issues regarding TV coverage, media and Plonk [2 submissions]
  • Jockey Club - included issues regarding breeding, early retirement and national standards [13 submissions]
  • NTRA - includes issues regarding marketing, national standards and tracks [28 submissions]
  • NYRA - includes all ARCI/Track submissions + ones specific to NYRA [25 submissions]
  • TVG/HRTV - includes issues regarding TV coverage and wagering [2 submissions]

New: Check out the data visualizations (fancy phrase for charts and graphs)!

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July 2008 Reports

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