Thoroughbred Horse Racing's
Our "Agenda"

Our agenda is simple, it's to make sure you're heard!
Three principles drive our agenda.

1. Participation
Horse racing is decentralized and problems reach across multiple jurisdictions. This makes it difficult for fans and players to lodge compliants and raise issues. By creating a central location where feedback, ideas and complaints can be collected and viewed by all, it's easier for fans and players to be heard and participate in the processes of change currently beginning in the industry.

2. Transparency
As our old friend wikipedia says, "Transparency is introduced as a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption." While we're not making any allegations of corruption, we believe that they only way to effect change is by openness, accountabilitly and dialog. By making the collected data available to everyone we hope to help facilitate the process of change.

3. Analysis
What good is a bunch of data with no analysis? We'll use data visualization tools to show trends and some good old fashioned number crunching to try and uncover deeper issues that cut across categories. And we'll even throw in another layer of participation by eventually allowing users to vote on submissions!

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